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Dean Desk

Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy at Glocal University

Being the Head of a Pharmacy Institute, I am proud to reveal that Pharmacy is one of the most trusted and demanding profession. In the past decade or so, the pharmacy profession has undergone unprecedented changes. The roles and responsibilities of the present day pharmacist are expanding day by day in a big way. The society and the world community as a whole, are most respectfully recognizing the value of the pharmacist as a medicine expert and as an important member of the health care team.

The majority of people across the globe are suffering from infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, heart attack, cancer and stress related (psychosomatic) disorders. Discovery of safe and efficacious drugs from natural and synthetic sources, as well as ensuring the correct use of these medications by the patient, is the real challenge for today’s pharmacist.

The faculty and staff are committed to nurture, refine and mould the talent and skill of the students by engaging them in meticulously designed, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Due emphasis is given on grooming the overall personality of the students by conducting ‘Student Development Programs’ like- workshops to improve communication skills, guest lectures, seminars, industrial visits, health camps, rejuvenation sessions, cultural activities, series of personality development programs, group discussions, mock interview, soft skills development, yoga-meditation workshops, spiritual endeavors and summer internships. To develop the scientific temperament and scholarly attitude, the students are motivated and guided to undertake minor research projects at undergraduate level. The students and the faculty members are encouraged to participate; and also to present papers, in National and International Seminars/Conferences. Their research papers are duly published in reputed Journals and Abstract Books. Our students are placed in top pharma companies as a result of meticulously designed T&P Program. Students have qualified GPAT examination and have also won awards in various competitions.

I feel extremely pleased to apprise that by the concerted efforts and commitment of faculty and staff; and whole-hearted support and co-operation of the management, Glocal School of Pharmacy is taking fast strides towards excellence and has emerged as one of the most admired and reputed Pharmacy Institutes of the region. Through this message, I welcome you and invite you to have a feel of our perfect academic environment.

Prof. (Dr.) Satish Kumar Sharma
Professor and Dean at School of Pharmacy
Glocal University